The Final Hour by Tom Wood (Victor the Assassin #7)

The Final Hour by Tom Wood

The latest installment of the Victor the Assassin series, The Final Hour, by Tom Wood brings our beloved hit-man face to face with someone from his past. Someone who is just as dangerous as he is and owes him a blood debt. Because in a moment when he could have killed her, he chooses to let her live. And now the time has come for Raven to repay this debt. This book was a bit difficult for me to read because I kept going back to a comment someone made on my review of A Time to Die, the previous […] Read more »

A Time To Die by Tom Wood (Victor the Assassin #6)

A Time To Die Tom Wood

A Time To Die is the latest book in Tom Wood‘s Victor The Assassin thriller series. I have read every book as soon as it came out, so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to read yet another adventure with our beloved antihero. In this episode Victor is working for SIS and his current job is to take down Milan Rados, an ex-Serbian military leader who is currently hiding in Belgrade. Of course he has to find him first. His job is complicated, however, by the fact that there is now on open contract on his dead and other hitmen are all just […] Read more »