All God’s Children by Susan Kraus (Grace McDonald #2)

All Gods Children by Susan Kraus

All God’s Children is the second book in the Grace McDonald series by the new author Susan Kraus (I have already reviewed her first book, Fall From Grace here). In the first book, Grace went through a major ordeal in her life. She was a psychiatrist/therapist, and one of her cases came back to bite her big time. In the process she lost her husband, her reputation and almost lost her freedom as well. The second book starts a few years after the first one ended. Her two children, Molly and Alex are adults. Molly is back in town, with […] Read more »

Fall From Grace by Susan Kraus (Grace McDonald #1)

Fall From Grace by Susan Kraus

Fall From Grace is the first book in the new Grace McDonals series by the debut author Susan Kraus. She sent me her two books currently published in the series with a request to read and review. Being a completely new author, with no previous books under her belt, first thing I did was to check the book reviews and ratings, both at Goodreads and Amazon. They were all 5 stars with glowing reviews. Now call me cynic, but when a new author’s first book has only 5 star reviews, usually something’s too good to be true. I mean even […] Read more »