Sting By Sandra Brown

Sting by Sandra Brown

Sting. What can I say, Sandra Brown is the queen of romantic suspense novels and her latest book just proves it once again. Two guys walk into a bar and see a girl entering the room soon after. And so the story starts. Shaw Kinnard is a ruthless assassin who teams up with another lowlife for a kill contract. The target is the sister of someone who, let’s just say, pissed off the wrong people, and he is to be punished by seeing his sibling dead. But when Shaw makes eye contact with the target – yes you figured it out by now, she is […] Read more »

Friction By Sandra Brown

Friction Sandra Brown

Friction is the latest standalone romantic suspense novel by one of my favorite authors in this genre, Sandra Brown. I have been reading her novels from the late 80s, back when I first discovered her books on my aunt’s shelf while visiting her during a summer vacation. I read probably most of the 70+ books Sandra Brown wrote so far (maybe skipped just a few in between) and while the earlier books are the ones that really drew me in to this very genre, her latest books have kept the pace as well. Friction is the epitome of romantic suspense and very […] Read more »