Sacrifice by Paul Finch (DS Heckenburg #2)

Sacrifice by Paul Finch

I got myself Sacrifice by Paul Finch (the second novel in the DS Heckenburg series) right after Stalkers since it was already published and the Kindle version only cost a few dollars so it was a steal. I was curious to see about the new grizzly and horrific cases that Heck would have to tackle in this new book. And I was not disappointed, not one bit. In fact I can easily say that I loved this book even more than the first one (hence the 5 start rating). Now I might be biased because I really love reading about hardcore […] Read more »

Stalkers by Paul Finch (DS Heckenburg #1)

I didn’t know what to expect from Stalkers by Paul Finch, especially considering that some Goodreads reviewers didn’t rate it very high (that teaches me to NOT read reviews before actually reading the book), but when I finished the novel I had to sit for a while and think. The premise is short of fantastic – imagine a team that knows your darkest secret and deepest desire and can (and will) fulfill this wish – for a price. Imagine you’re there, with your wish fulfilled and you suddenly realize it’s the worst thing it could have happened to you – […] Read more »