The Dance of Dimitrios by Patrick Brigham (DCI Michael Lambert #3)

The Dance Of Dimitrios by Patrick Brigham

The Dance if Dimitrios is the third book in the Detective Chief Inspector Michael Lambert crime mystery series by the author Patrick Brigham. In the first book of the series called Judas Goat when Michael Lambert made his appearance for the first time, he was a chief inspector with the Thames Valley Police Authority. In Dance of Dimitrios we meet Lambert again, this time, however, working for the Europol (the European FBI) as a DCI – detective chief inspector. He is a middle aged man who is now divorced and newly in love with another woman who is living in Italy. Sadly the complex cases he […] Read more »

Judas Goat – The Kennet Narrow Boat Mystery by Patrick Brigham (DCI Michael Lambert #1)

Judas Goat by Patrick Brigham

Judas Goat – The Kennet Narrow Boat Mystery by Patrick Brigham is one of the two mystery novels published by the author this year. When I have received a request to review the book and also interview the author, I agreed for a couple of reasons. While the author was born in England, he has also lived for several years in Bulgaria. I was born in Romania (Transilvania – yes, yes, Dracula’s home, lol), which is an ex-communist country located right next to Bulgaria. I literally spent my first 21 years there before we emigrated to Germany the first time […] Read more »