Gunmetal Gray by Mark Greaney (Court Gentry #6)

Gunmetal Gray by Mark Greaney

Gunmetal Gray is an action packed story that takes us from classy hotels in Hong Kong to seedy motels in Thailand, swamps full of deadly snakes, and bodies of enemies littering the streets and seas. And a gorgeous Russian spy. Last time we hanged out with Court Gentry, aka The Gray Man, he was just getting back in CIA’s good graces. No longer hunted down, he is now working for them on a contract basis. The first contract he’s given takes him all over Asia with a particular task: find Fan Jiang, a Chinese hacker who defected and escaped to […] Read more »

Back Blast by Mark Greaney (Court Gentry #5)

Back Blast Mark Greaney

When I’ve first heard about Mark Greaney’s Court Gentry series, as it was recommended to me on Goodreads, I’ve decided to do a binge reading of all the books in the series, to be ready for the publication of the latest novel, Back Blast, which comes out later this week, on the 16th. I am very much in favor of reading a book series in order (could be my OCD at work, or the fact that I hate missing out on a major storyline that goes across each book, or character development of the main hero in the series), so […] Read more »