Mission To Murder by Lynn Cahoon (A Tourist Trap Mystery #2)

Mission to Murder by Lynn Cahoon

Mission to Murder is the second book in the new Tourist trap Mystery cozy written by Lynn Cahoon. I’ve read the book back in June while away visiting my parents, and it turned out to be the perfect holiday read. Relatively short, easy to read, funny and with a lovely set of characters that you can’t get enough of. Jill Gardner is a recent transplant in South Cove, where she opened a book store called Coffee, Books and More. In the first book Jill discovered a stonewall on her property pointing to what she thinks is an old Spanish mission […] Read more »

Guidebook to Murder by Lynn Cahoon (A Tourist Trap Mystery #1)

Guidebook to Murder by Lyn Cahoon

Guidebook to Murder is the first book in the new Tourist Trap Mystery cozy series by Lynn Cahoon. I bought the book because of two main reasons: first the cover. I love it, it’s so appealing! And second – again, the cover: because it is about books. And how can I resist reading a book about books – especially when it involves murder? Of course, since it’s the first in a new series, it makes it more fun to read as it means I don’t have to catch up to other book prior to this. The story follows Jill Gardner, […] Read more »