Watch Your Back by Karen Rose (Romantic Suspense #15)

Watch Your Back by Karen Rose

I bought Watch Your Back along with Broken Silence (which I’ve just reviewed here) by Karen Rose a few months back, but due to the many books on my TBR mountain to catch up to, only now I got a chance to read it. And glad I did! Karen Roses’s books are not new to me, I’ve read pretty much everything by this author so far (see all the Karen Rose books in order listed here). So when I finally started to read Watch Your Back, I was really excited because I knew I’d be in for a great ride. […] Read more »

Broken Silence by Karen Rose (Romantic Suspense #14.5)

Broken Silence by Karen Rose

Having read all the previous books by Karen Rose, I only had to catch up with two more: the novella Broken Silence published in October 2013, followed by the author’s latest novels called Watch Your Back, published one month later, in November 2013. I bought the novella (it was only around $3 at Amazon) and got reading. I am usually not a major fan of novellas, because not many authors can pack a great story in only a few pages, however I knew Karen Rose can deliver – and deliver she did. The story focuses on Daphne Montgomery, whom we’ve […] Read more »