Dogs of War by Jonathan Maberry (Joe Ledger #9)

Dogs of War Joe Ledger Maberry

When I saw the book up for grabs at Netgalley, I jumped at the opportunity to read and review it. And I tried to read it, but soon I had to close the galley copy and wait until the book was published so I could buy it. I love all the Jonathan Maberry books, and Dogs of War didn’t disappoint. This galley copy was sadly the worst I have ever gotten from Netgalley. I t wa s some thing lik th is through out the ent ire boo k which additionally included 200 empty pages with only a big black box […] Read more »

Kill Switch by Jonathan Maberry (Joe Ledger #8)

Kill Switch Jonathan Maberry

Kill Switch is the latest book in the Jonathan Maberry Joe Ledger series. He is an author that I have on my automatic preorder list, along with Douglas Preston&Lincoln Child duo and James Rollins. I’ve read pretty much everything that Jonathan Maberry has ever written, including both his Joe Ledger and his related (yet zombie-infested) Rot & Ruin series, and with all the books out there so far, this author doesn’t seem to slow down in the interesting, suspenseful and highly addictive department. Joe Ledger is famous, feared and loved by friends, while deeply hated by enemies. He is also […] Read more »

Predator One by Jonathan Maberry (Joe Ledger #7)

Predator One Jonathan Maberry

I love everything that Jonathan Maberry has ever written. Some of his books (including his Rot & Ruin series) are great examples of the zombie survival genre, while his Joe Ledger series fits perfectly in military horror, a genre which I’ve come to love ever since I’ve read Khost by Vincent Hobbes a few years ago. Predator One is the 7th book in the Joe Ledger series, focused on a team of hardened and very dangerous operators working for the DMS (Department of Military Sciences), led by Joe Ledger himself, the hero that everyone looks up to and fears even in their dreams. You’d think […] Read more »