No Man’s Land By David Baldacci (John Puller #4)

No Man's Land By David Baldacci

No Man’s Land is the fourth book in the John Puller thriller series by David Baldacci and I have to admit, while I have read tons of books by this author, somehow I missed this series entirely. What do you do when there is now new information about your mom, who went missing almost 30 years ago, and it involves your decorated dad who is now in a VA nursing home with dementia? You start investigating, that’s what you do. And that’s exactly what John Puller decides to do, even when there are forces at work which don’t want him […] Read more »

King and Maxwell by David Baldacci (Sean King and Michelle Maxwell #6)

King and Maxwell is the 6th in the Sean King & Michelle Maxwell political thriller series by David Baldacci. In fact it is also the latest book written by the author so far, and having just read the book that I got from Netgalley to read and review, I can honestly say that Baldacci hasn’t lost his touch. Many authors show signs of burn-out after having written half a dozen books, but even after writing his 26th novel, the story, the setting and character development is as fresh as in his very first book, Absolute Power. For a list of all […] Read more »