Freefall by Brian Lutterman (Pen Wilkinson #3)

Freefall by Brian Lutterman

Freefall, the third book in the Pen Wilkinson legal thriller series by Brian Lutterman brings back Pen to face another dangerous case, this time involving her own family. Pen Wilkinson is a paraplegic. A few years ago she got in a car accident that not only killer her six-years-old niece who was at the time with her in the car, but also left Pen hurt for good. She somehow picked up the pieces of her life and went on living, continuing to help those who could not help themselves, despite her own disability. But Pen has also a knack for getting herself […] Read more »

Windfall by Brian Lutterman (Pen Wilkinson #2)

Windfall Brian Lutterman

Finally! The second book in the Pen Wilkinson series, Windfall, is here. When I’ve first read Downfall last year, I was not even sure there would be a sequel, but luckily the author didn’t disappoint his readers. Pen Wilkinson is a paraplegic. She is also a lawyer, and darn good at her job. In her first book we meet her in her new job which turns out to be nearly her downfall indeed. The reasons for hiring her were all wrong and scary – not only that, but they could easily cost her freedom, if not her life as well. […] Read more »

Downfall by Brian Lutterman (Pen Wilkinson #1)

Downfall by Brian Lutterman

A surprisingly good read. I have never heard of this author before, however now that I finished reading Downfall by Brian Lutterman, I might just pick up his previous novels as well. A tragic accident in the past left Pen Wilkinson in wheelchair for life, killing her niece at the same time. Her life is ruined, her career as an attorney is down the drains (afterall who would want a counselor that takes away sympathy from the client due to her physical situation), so she’s happy when she finds a job at a bank in Minnesota – not quite what […] Read more »