The Wheel of Darkness

The Wheel of Darkness

The Wheel of Darkness

by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child Book #8 in the Pendergast Series (2008)

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A peculiar smell poured into the room, earthy, like rotten mushrooms. The air seemed to grow thicker, contract and lump into something denser. And then it started to move …

A diabolical presence sows panic in a luxurious Transatlantic: the new and devilish adventure of Special Agent Pendergast.

A remote monastery of Tibet; a threat from distant times; a mysterious artifact with enormous power of destruction. Our old acquaintance, Pendergast, and Constance, his protégé, investigate the disappearance of a mysterious sacred object, carrier of great evil, in a remote Tibetan monastery.

A track leads them to a luxurious transatlantic ship of 3,000 passengers, where a series of grisly crimes begin to take place. Only Constance, with the mental power she has acquired in the monastery, will be able to face the dark presence.