Still Life With Crows

Still Life With Crows

by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

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A small Kansas town has turned into a killing ground.
Is it a serial killer, a man with the need to destroy?
Or is it a darker force, a curse upon the land?
Amid golden cornfields, FBI Special Agent Pendergast discovers evil in the blood of America’s heartland.
No one is safe.

Imagine, you got lost in a cave. It is dark and cold. You have lost the flashlight. You have to get out of there, no matter what, and you start to feel your way along the floor as your hand suddenly finds something warm. You go back in shock – to figure out what you found …

In a small town, cruel murders happen. They are reminiscent of Indian myths and a historical massacre. Many believe that the spirits of the dead have returned to take vengeance. From the fields to the local caves, Pendergast discovers the remnants of a Prohibition-era moonshine operation and the truth behind one of the town’s greatest mysteries: who was behind the Medicine Creek Massacre of 1865. Now, Pendergast must discover the twisted secret hiding within a four-generation Kansas family – before someone else is murdered.

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