Dance of Death

Dance of Death

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Two brothers bound by blood, divided by hate . . .

A merciless killer seeks one victim after another. What they all have in common: They were friends of the missing Special Agent Pendergast. But who could be interested in killing them off?

Detective D’Agosta begins to investigate, feeling strongly under pressure. He knows that he and his wife are also in the killer’s sights. D’Agosta receives unexpected help from none other than Pendergast himself. He only feigned his disappearance in order to search unnoticed for his greatest enemy: his brother Diogenes, whom he considers the murderer. But how can he stop a man who is his intellectual equal — one who has had 20 years to plan the world’s most horrendous crime?

FBI agent Aloysius Pendergast’s greatest enemy is one who has stalked him all of his life – his cunning and diabolical brother Diogenes. And Diogenes has thrown down the gauntlet.

Now, several of the people closest to Pendergast are viciously murdered, and Pendergast is framed for the deeds. On the run from federal authorities, with only the help of his old friend NYPD Lieutenant Vincent D’Agosta, Pendergast must stop his brother.

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