The Book of the Dead

The Book of the Dead

The Book of the Dead

by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child
Book #7 in the Pendergast Series (2007)

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A brilliant FBI agent is serving his sentence in a high security prison, for a murder he did not commit …

His brother, psychotic and gifted, is about to carry out one of the most terrifying crimes ever imagined …

An intelligent but very innocent young woman, with an extraordinary past, is on the verge of losing her mind …

And a few days later a fabulous exhibition will open in a museum in New York.

Its star piece is an Egyptian tomb, cursed for centuries. An event that will summon the cream of the American society …

The insane Diogenes is planning an ice-cold crime. Only one person has the ability to stop him: his brother Aloysius Pendergast, Special Agent of the FBI, who is innocently imprisoned in a high-security prison. Will he escape in time to thwart the plans of his most dangerous opponent?