Cheater’s Game

Cheater's Game

by Paul Levine

Book #13 in the Jake Lassiter series, published 2020

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Rich parents will pay anything to get their kids into college…
Kip Lassiter can get you a perfect score on any test…
And Kip’s heartbroken uncle Jake must defend an unwinnable case.

CHEATER’S GAME dives deep into the true-to-life college admissions scandal with an explosive federal trial that rocks the courthouse.

Suffering brain damage from his days as a football player, Miami lawyer Jake Lassiter says goodbye to the courtroom…until his nephew Kip desperately needs his help. Kip has been working with millionaire Max Ringle in a shady scheme to help rich, entitled kids gain admission to elite universities.

The mastermind of the fraud, Ringle cops a plea to save his own hide and shifts the blame to Kip who’s charged with multiple federal crimes. Dr. Melissa Gold, a famed neurologist and Lassiter’s fiancée, supervises experimental treatments intended to keep the ailing lawyer strong enough for a grueling trial. As a fiery showdown with Ringle brings the courtroom to a fever pitch, Lassiter risks everything – including his own life – to fight for his nephew’s freedom.

NOTE: All the Lassiter novels are stand-alones that may be enjoyed in any order.

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