In Dark Waters

In Dark Waters

by Mary Burton

published 2005

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During a dive, photographer Kelsey makes a terrible discovery. Her childhood sweetheart, of all people, Mitch, is with her right now – the man she never wanted to trust again.

Deadly secrets Beneath the peaceful lake of a quiet Virginia town lies a disturbing mystery – a long-dead body, a woman no-one’s missed – but for one woman, the remains hold the answers she’s been seeking her whole life.

Don’t stay buried Kelsey Warren may now be a high-flying journalist but she’s never forgiven her reckless mother for abandoning her as a teenager. Yet when Kelsey discovers Donna Warren’s body, she knows that something more sinister than her mother’s wild lifestyle is to blame. Forever Despite Sheriff Mitch Garret’s pleas to leave the case alone, Kelsey swears to uncover the truth. But as Kelsey and Mitch dig deeper, someone is just as desperate to keep the past hidden – and is intent on silencing Kelsey for good.