Strikeforce Lightning

Strikeforce Lightning

by Mark Aitken / Mark Abernethy

Book 2 in the Gerry Galen series
published 2013

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An adrenalin charged, high-concept thriller in the mould of Matthew Reilly and John Birmingham featuring ex-US special forces hero, Gerry Galen, as he battles to avert a thermonuclear strike which will have a far-reaching impact on the world’s future.

His war is over and former special forces captain Gerry Gallen is enjoying the relative peace of running a cattle ranch in Wyoming. But when he’s asked to lead a team to Jordan to retrieve his war-time sergeant, he agrees.

Landing in Amman, Gallen re-enters a world of Arab gangsters, American mercenaries and the constantly shifting loyalties of the CIA. And watching over his every step is the lethal presence of Hamas – a daily reminder that Gallen is working under the constant threat of death.

Nothing about the gig is what it seems and as Gallen realises that his former boss has stolen $3 million dollars from some powerful locals, the spectre of Iraqi aggression rears its head. But why are neo-Baathists chasing Gallen? And what do they want with the cargo he is carrying?

Hunted, beaten and trapped, Gerry Gallen is a man running two races… Can he break clear before lightning strikes?

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