Counter Attack

Counter Attack

by Mark Abernethy

Book 4 in the Alan McQueen series
published 2011

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Lured out of retirement, super-spy Alan “Mac” McQueen is on a mission in this fourth adventure to thwart the ambitions of one man to overthrow the Chinese government and reduce Asia to radioactive ashes

Australia’s super-spy, Alan McQueen, has been lured out of retirement. Any dreams Mac has a of a cozy office job are shattered when he’s dispatched to Singapore to oversee a covert mission. When things go disastrously wrong, he not only has to defend his reputation in Australia but also stay out of jail in Vietnam.

From the leafy suburbs of Singapore to the mean streets of Saigon, from the political infighting of Canberra to the old killing fields of Northern Cambodia, Mac has to use all his cunning and a few unusual alliances to get to the bottom of a conspiracy that could throw the world into a thermo-nuclear showdown.

When nothing is what it seems, and death is only one mistake away, Mac finds himself both hunter and hunted as he pursues a truth that could save millions of lives.

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