Mark Abernethy Books In Order

Mark Abernethy is an Australian author of spy thrillers, popular for his Alan McQueen series, which includes 4 books. Alan “Mac” McQueen is an Australian intelligence agent/spy who is called in to solve various espionage-related cases.

Reading the Mark Abernethy books in order means not only picking up his Alan McQueen series but also his newer series, Gerry Galen, written under the pseudonym Mark Aitken.

Alan McQueen Series

  1. Golden Serpent, 2007
  2. Second Strike, 2008
  3. Double Back, 2009
  4. Counter Attack, 2011

Gerry Galen Series

written under the pseudonym Mark Aitken

Other Mark Abernethy Books

author Mark AbernethyMark Abernethy was born in New Zealand but moved to Australia where he lived most of his adult life.

While enrolled at the Victoria University of Wellington, he was first published in the university campus newsletter in the 1980s. He wrote one initial book in 1991 on the Gold Coast, which was never published.

He went twice to the university trying to be a lawyer (as his dad was a lawyer too). However, he dropped out because he realized that being an attorney is not something that interested him all that much.

So he applied for a journalism course and then went to work for a newspaper to get some work experience. Those were called induction courses. Next, he went on to ghostwrite business books for other people and then transitioned to write books for himself.

When he wrote the first four chapters of what would become Golden Serpent, the publisher liked what she saw and urged him to finish the book. He wrote the book in eight weeks.

His Alan McQueen series focuses on the Australian super spy who was born out of the author’s love for spy novels by authors like Ian Fleming and Alistair MacLean. When he realized that most fiction books involving spies projects them as being American or British, he decided to create a new character who would be Australian, working in the Southeast Asia, and the South Pacific regions.

Alan is semiretired, but he is always called back to work on this spy case or the other. Alan is in his early 40s, and before he knows it, he is lured back into the espionage and assassin world. His cases usually start as routine but soon get into action-packed adventure.

The Alan McQueen series is part of a 6-book deal with the publishers Allen and Unwin. Counter Attack is book #4, we the Mark Abernethy Alan McQueen fans can look forward to at least two more books in the series.

For his thriller books, Abernethy does a lot of research by reading a lot and interviewing relevant people, including government employees, Australian special forces guys such as the SAS, or the RRRR commandos. His research is made easy by the fact that he has a journalism background and experience.

Before writing books, he worked as an editor at Australian Penthouse magazine, as well as a writer for the Australian Financial Review, The Bulletin, and Sydney Morning Herald.

Under the pseudonym Mark Aitken, he also writes a second thriller series called Gerry Galen with a younger hero living, this time, in the US. The series includes currently two books.

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