Maj Sjöwall

Maj Sjöwall is a Swedish author, journalist and translator, best known for her collaborative work with her husband Per Wahlöö on the series of books about Martin Beck, a Stockholm police detective.

She is considered the founder of the Scandinavian crime fiction, and with good reason. Many writers have followed in her path in criticizing in their books the the abuses of state power, including authors such as Henning Mankell, K. Arne Blom, Olov Svedelind, Kenneth Ahl and last but not least the popular Stieg Larsson.

Maj Sjöwall has translated several mystery books written by well known authors including Ed McBain, T. Jefferson Parker, Robert B. Parker and Gordon Parks among others.

Here are the books written with Per Wahlöö in the Martin Beck series, along with other books written separately as well.

Martin Beck Series In Order

1. Roseanna (Martin Beck #1), 1965

2. The Man Who Went Up in Smoke (Martin Beck #2), 1966

3. The Man on the Balcony (Martin Beck #3), 1967

4. The Laughing Policeman (also called Investigation of Murder) (Martin Beck #4), 1968

5. The Fire Engine That Disappeared (Martin Beck #5), 1969

6. Murder at the Savoy (Martin Beck #6), 1970

7. The Abominable Man (Martin Beck #7), 1971

8. The Locked Room (Martin Beck #8), 1972

9. Cop Killer (Martin Beck #8), 1974

10. The Terrorists (Martin Beck #10), 1975

Other Works By Maj Sjöwall

The Multi Millionaire – short story with Per Wahlöö published in the collection A Darker Shade Of Sweden, 2014 (not part of the Martin Beck series)

 Dansk intermezzo – short story co-authored with Bjarne Nielsen, 1989

The woman who resembled Greta Garbo – co-authored with Tomas Ross, 1990

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