A Gift For Dying

A Gift For Dying

by M.J. Arlidge

published 2019

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Chicago is startled by the murder of two young people in their twenties, both of whom are horribly mutilated. It is soon thought of a serial killer. The police have great difficulty in finding out who the perpetrator is. He is calculating and works very carefully. The only link between the two murders is a young woman, Cassie. She claims that she already knew when these would happen prior to the killings. 

From the moment Adam Brandt meets Cassie at the police station, he is fascinated by her. Everything she tells him makes him doubt his expertise. Then Cassie walks out, knot a scarf in front of her eyes and crosses the street blindly, through the traffic. When he asks her why she was not afraid of crashing, she answers: “Because you will kill me.

Adam Brandt is a forensic psychologist, well used to dealing with the most damaged members of society. But he’s never met anyone like Kassie.

The teenager claims to have a terrible gift – with one look into your eyes, she can see when and how you will die. Obviously, Adam knows Kassie must be insane. But then a serial killer hits the city. And only Kassie seems to know where he’ll strike next.

Against all his intuition, Adam starts to believe her. He just doesn’t realise how deadly his faith might prove..