She’s Out

She's Out

by Lynda La Plante

Book 3 in the Dolly Rawlins series
published 1995

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A thrilling sequel to the groundbreaking thriller, Widows

After serving a lengthy sentence for the murder of her husband, Dolly Rawlins is free from prison. And she’s only got one thing on her mind: the diamonds she stashed before the police caught her.

But there are people waiting for Dolly on the outside ­- tough ex-prisoners who know about the diamonds, and they all want a cut.

Also waiting for Dolly is DS Mike Withey. He holds her personally responsible for the death of his sister in the diamond raid ten years earlier. And he wants her back inside.

Dolly Rawlins has other plans. But can she realise the dream that kept her going all those years in prison and avoid those who are after her?

Praise for Lynda La Plante

‘Satisfyingly full of twists and turns’ The Independent

‘A rare ring of authenticity’ Sunday Telegraph

‘An absorbingly twisty plot’ Guardian

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