The Whispering Hollows

The Whispering Hollows

by Lisa Unger

Omnibus of the Whispers series
published 2024

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New York Times bestselling author Lisa Unger delivers a spellbinding novella, told in three parts, featuring reluctant psychic Eloise Montgomery. This in-depth exploration of Eloise is a perfect way for newcomers to be introduced to The Hollows, and experience the sense of place Unger is building that “rivals Stephen King’s Castle Rock for continuity and creepiness.” (The News & Observer – Raleigh)  It is also a treasure trove of insight and greater understanding of connections for those already drawn deep into The Hollows.  
Includes an author introduction to The Hollows, and an excerpt from the bestseller Ink and Bone–a chilling coming of age story for Finley Montgomery and The Hollows, voted a Best Book finalist in the Goodreads Choice Awards. 
Part One: The Whispers

On an ordinary day in The Hollows, a terrible accident claims the lives of Eloise Montgomery’s husband and oldest daughter and leaves Eloise in a coma. While recovering, she experiences her first psychic vision. Struggling to understand her frightening new abilities, Eloise is torn between helping her grief-stricken younger daughter move on and the work she feels compelled to do now–heed the tortured whispers of lost women and girls calling for her.

Part Two: The Burning Girl

Ten years on, Eloise is a renowned working psychic who has resigned herself to her role in The Hollows and to “The Work.” She’s discovering some disturbing things–secrets about her genealogy and the dark history of The Hollows, and that her granddaughter, nine-year-old Finley, has her own powerful gifts. Most disturbing of all, Eloise realizes that not all of the whispering voices are calling for help. Some of them are looking for trouble.

Part Three: The Three Sisters

When Finley, now nineteen, comes to live with Eloise, Eloise’s abilities transform. Her load is somehow lighter, and rather than chasing down people she needs, they are coming to her. She teams up with a detective to help a desperate father bring his daughter’s killer to justice. Meanwhile, Finley has bigger problems than she’s willing to admit. Can Eloise help her see the difference between justice and revenge–and the dark truth that nothing stays buried in The Hollows?

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