Uncharted Waters

Uncharted Waters

by Linda Castillo

published 2003

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A forbidden love can no longer be denied in this reader favorite from New York Times bestselling author Linda Castillo

IN THE NEWS: Ex-navy search and rescue pilot Drew Evans
FAMILY HISTORY: His adopted brother is one of the genetically engineered Extraordinary Five
DEEPEST SECRET:Haunted by the only mission he failed

Drew Evans used to be a search and rescue pilot with the navy until the day his best friend died. He blamed himself and knew that his friend’s wife would too, so he failed to keep his promise to take care of her and his friend’s infant son.

Hardened hero Drew Evans had thought his tragic past was behind him, until the woman he’d secretly loved–his best friend’s widow–stepped back into his solitary life. But single mom Alison Myers was in need of his help to save her ailing son–and quench her own hidden longings. Alison had never expected to see devastatingly handsome Drew again, the one man who made her feel the forbidden stirrings of passion. But could she trust him with the two most precious things in her life…her son and her heart?

With Uncharted Waters, readers will find it different than the Kate Burkholder books because it was created before the Amish series and is a stand alone title.