The Shadow Side

The Shadow Side

by Linda Castillo

published 2003

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There is a dark side to every passion . . . Something is causing depressed patients to become homicidal and suicidal.

Cases of random violence have erupted across the country–murderous acts committed by previously non-violent people. Detective Adam Boedecker, grieving brother to one of the suicide-murderers, has discovered that all the suspects had taken a new breakthrough anti-depressant, Valazine.

Adam thinks his life is effectively over. His partner and his wife have betrayed him, while he was recovering from an on the Job traumatic Brain Injury. He still has crippling migraine headaches, moments of rage and dizziness that he is sure may never go away.

Elizabeth Barnes has devoted her heart and soul to pharmaceutical research. She’s at the top of her game and slated to be awarded top honors for her latest breakthrough drug. Until a detective contacts her about a recent wave of homicides.

At first, Eli dismisses it as the wild accusations of a grieving, burnt-out cop. But after another mysterious death, and some investigating of her own, Eli realizes that this intense, driven man may be the only one who can stop the killings . . . and save her from the dark side of her work.


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