A Hero to Hold

Lay Down the Law?

by Linda Castillo

Book #1 in the High Country Heroes series, published 2001

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She’s a target and he’s her only hope chance at survival in this classic book of suspense by New York Times bestselling author Linda Castillo

In the snow a woman is found. She can not remember anything. Not even her name …

Who am I? The red-haired woman has been asking herself this question ever since she was found in the deep snow of the Rocky Mountains. She has no idea what happened or where she came from. Only this subliminal feeling of floating in danger seems familiar. A note in her pocket reveals her name: Hannah. When John, the man who rescued her, wants to take her to an accommodation, someone tries to drive her car down a slope. Hannah knows if she wants to survive, she has to find out who she really is. Her only hope is John, who swore to protect her …

She has no name, no memory, nothing but the knowledge that she’s pregnant and someone wants her dead. Her only hope is John—the rescue medic who saved her life, the Good Samaritan who vowed to keep her safe, the sexy stranger who’s stealing her heart. Her hero.

Saving lives is his job, but John Maitland learned long ago the cost of personal involvement. Risking his life he could handle, risking his emotions—his heart—is out of the question. Until he rescues “Hannah,” battered, bruised and scared for her life, off the side of a mountain. Suddenly things are very, very personal…