Book Review: Las Vegas Girl by Leslie Wolfe

Las Vegas Girl Leslie WolfeI love the Leslie Wolfe books, and I was eagerly waiting read the author’s new book, Las Vegas Girl, which, hopefully, is the start of a new addictive crime mystery series.

The book features detective Laura Baxter, a recent arrival at the department in Sin City, who gets teamed up with detective Jack Holt in a new and very sensitive case. Both are on probation and just one hair-width away of being kicked out of the Las Vegas PD.

So how come that these two people get the high-profile case of a young woman who died at the posh Aquamarine hotel, especially since she is the daughter of some very rich and influential people? This is the very thing the two detectives are baffled about, since neither of the two is known for following orders, and both are under strict orders to never ever interview the victim’s family?

Baxter and Holt begin their investigations, and the deeper they dig, the more evidence points to the very family they are not supposed to interview. So, doing what they know to do best: investigate with everything they’ve got and ignore orders by their superiors (aka the typical rebels), the two go down the rabbit hole and try to flush out the killer, one who is as cunning and deliberate as they come.

It doesn’t help that someone does everything in their power to limit their investigation and obstruct their every step. Someone doesn’t want the truth to come out, and if Baxter and Holt’s instincts are true, that someone is high up the ranks, who can pull the strings with ease.

The story is action-packed, fast-paced and addictive to read. Once you start reading, you won’t be able to stop that easily. Baxter and Holt have, right from the start, a strong chemistry, which they once even act upon. Still, the book is not a romantic-suspense novel. It is a straight-up detective mystery story with some thriller elements mixed in for good measure.

Both main characters have their demons to fight, and each has their secrets, which the other can’t wait to uncover. Laura Baxter was born in England, but at some point, she moved to the US. She still has her British accent, which, at times, comes to her aid. Holt also finds it intriguing that Laura and Anne, the forensic specialist know each other from way back. There is some secret both are keeping, and Holt will do anything to figure it out.

During the course of the investigation, Laura does find Holt’s secret, at least one of them, and for a second, she wonders whether he will be able to have her back when things get tough. I did have a chuckle when Holt found out her secret as well, for the way it all happened. When curiosity doesn’t kill the cat, it definitely helps figure out things. And Holt wants to figure out every inch of Baxter’s life.

These two are quite the complex, smart and intriguing characters, and it’s very easy to see what a great team they make. Great chemistry, good action and nice team-work even in the face of adversity make Last Vegas Girl a great addition to the genre.

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