The Pain Nurse

The Bomb Shelter

by Jon Talton

Book 1 in the Cincinnati Casebook series
published 2009

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Jon Talton staked out the Southwest in his award-winning David Mapstone mysteries. The Washington Post called Concrete Desert, “more intelligent and rewarding than most contemporary mysteries.” And author John Lescroart labeled Arizona Dreams, “a pure delight,” saying that Mapstone is “one of the most compelling characters in the mystery scene in several years.”

Now Jon Talton turns to a gritty hospital in a Midwestern city seething with racial tension for The Pain Nurse. Cheryl Beth Wilson is an elite nurse at Cincinnati Memorial Hospital who finds a doctor brutally murdered in a secluded office. Wilson had been having an affair with the doctor’s husband, a surgeon, and this makes her a “person of interest” to the police, if not at outright suspect. Yet someone is following and watching Cheryl Beth, and it’s not the cops.

The killing comes as former homicide detective Will Borders is just hours out of surgery. But as his stretcher is wheeled past the crime scene, he knows this is no random act of violence. Instead, it has all the marks of a serial killer case he supposedly solved years before. Rebuked by his former partner and unable even to walk, Borders starts to investigate. He teams up with Cheryl Beth, who is desperate to clear her name. But as the city teeters on the edge of violence and a killer grows closer, the two are running out of time to unlock the secrets of the murder and the brooding, old hospital.

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