Joined The Ultimate Blog Challenge

Today is the first day of the Ultimate Blog Challenge, which I joined so that I can keep myself accountable for adding 31 posts this month to the blog.

I am basically a blogger – a book blogger at that. Reading books and talking about them om my blog is literally one of my biggest passions in life.

I also blog about things that smell nice, taste nice and are healthy (all of which I am talking about on Fragrant Universe – hop over if you want to check it out), but sometimes the laziness gets the better of me, or procrastination holds my hand (the same hand I am typing with – or so I tell myself) and doesn’t let me finish my post for the day.

So I figured, if I know that there is a schedule to adhere to, if there is a place where I can show what I posted everyday and if there is a guiding hand giving me ideas on what to write about, on how to organize my time and where to share all that I posted, I’ll probably keep to the schedule.

So here is me starting today with Day 1, which I decided to be an overview of the challenge and why I participate in it.

Having written above about the second part, here is the first part: what is the challenge all about.

Well, it all started here: The Ultimate Blog Challenge

From the blurb:

“The Ultimate Blog Challenge is a virtual event for bloggers held every quarter – January, April, July and October. The goal is to write and share a new blog post every day during the challenge month”.

I think this sums it up quite nicely. While I do post quite often between the two blogs, I know I can do so much better, hence me joining this October, especially since the challenge involves writing 31 posts on one single blog – so I chose this book blog  instead of the natural health one. While I love my smoothie and love blogging about it (with pictures and recipes), I do love books even more!

The whole challenge is free, and all we need is write and share that on various sites. Sounds easy? I think it is – especially considering that I love writing, so it won’t be much of a challenge anyway, but I wanted to see just how well I can actually do 31 posts this month 🙂

Check out the infographic below to learn more about what I joined – sounds like fun, right?

Ultimate Blog Challenge

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  1. Hello,

    Great site you have here. First time visiting. I will say that it’s very unique and not a niche that I’ve seen before. I was excited to see that you’re also a fan of Dexter. This Ultimate blogging journey will be fun. Glad that we are both doing it together. See you around and looking forward to reading more of your posts. 🙂

    Nate Leung

  2. Wow – this sounds like something that would be awesome for any blogger to take part in! Good luck fulfilling your commitment. I can’t wait to see what you write along the way.

  3. Hey this is a super idea! 31 posts is a lot for me though in top of the regular 25 I need to do in a month. I am giving it serious thought though. I like this kind of challenge.

  4. Quite an interesting blog you have, I love books as well, but only after my love for movies. But I am still very much into reading.

    Quite similar to what you said, I love watching movies and then later love to talk about it on my blog… its a nice way to start the challenge. Many of us didn’t even care to write a post on the people who are giving us the opportunity to be able to write blog everyday this month..

    I am glad you stopped by and dedicated your first post to them… going to wander around your blog for sometime now

    Amritt R

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