Rasputin’s Revenge

Rasputin's Revenge

Rasputin’s Revenge

by John Lescroart Book #2 in the Auguste Lupa Mystery series (1987)

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In Son of Holmes, John Lescroart introduced Auguste Lupa, reputed son of the greatest detective of all time… and possessor of a brilliant deductive mind in his own right.

Now, in Rasputin’s Revenge, Lupa is summoned to the court of the Russian Czar — where, with a bit of unexpected assistance from none other than Holmes and Watson, he untangles a chilling plot that holds the Winter Palace in a lethal grip…

Praise for Son of Holmes and John Lescroart

“Detective fans will lap up the details of
Lupa’s [Holmesian] heritage.” —Publishers Weekly

“Raymond Chandler once wrote that the test of a first-rate murder mystery is whether you would keep reading it if the last chapter — and the revelation of whodunit — were missing. In the matter of John Lescroart, I would keep reading any of his books, even without that last chapter.” —Fort Worth Star-Telegram