The Believer

The Believer

by Joakim Zander

Book #2 in the Klara Walldéen series, published 2016

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Yasmine Ajam left behind her troubled Stockholm neighborhood for an upward career in New York. Until he receives news that the riots stirring the suburbs of his city may have a connection with the disappearance of his brother Fadi, who was considered dead while fighting alongside the Islamic state in Syria.

Following rumors that Faadi was radicalized and died fighting for ISIS in Syria, Yasmine returns to Stockholm to discover what really happened to her brother. There she becomes entangled in a dangerous web of allegiances and violence that stretches far beyond the gangs on her childhood streets.

Meanwhile, in London, Klara Walldéen has landed a job at a human rights research institute working on a report to predict the effects of privatization of police forces. When Klara travels to Stockholm to present her findings to European Union policymakers, her laptop is stolen and one of her colleagues is pushed in front of a subway train. As her path collides with Yasmine’s, Klara begins to realize that she may unwittingly be contributing to the sinister agendas of powerful interests, who will stop at nothing to attain their goals.