Assassins of Athens

Assassins of Athens

Assassins of Athens

by Jeffrey Siger
Book #2 in the Andreas Kaldis series (2009)

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The second book in the Andreas Kaldis series set in Greece brings back our favorite Chief Inspect to work yet another grissly case.

When the body of a boy from one of Greece’s most prominent families turns up in a dumpster in one of Athens’ worst neighborhoods, Chief Inspector Andreas Kaldis of the Greek Police’s Special Crimes Division is certain there’s a message in the murder.

But who sent it and why?

Andreas’ politically incorrect search for answers takes him deep into the sordid, criminal side of Athens nightlife and on to the glittering world of Athens society where age-old frictions between old money and new breed jealousy, murder, revenge, revolutionaries, and some very dangerous truths.