The Only Good Yankee

The Only Good Yankee

by Jeff Abbott

Book 2 in the Jordan Poteet series
published 1995

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Mirabeau, Texas, is a dynamite little town — especially when toolsheds, doghouses, and mailboxes mysteriously begin to explode. So far, the sole victim is local librarian Jordan Poteet, who was struck by a chunk of his girlfriend’s mailbox. Yet Jordy gets an even bigger jolt when his ex-girlfriend, Lorna, arrives from Boston.

She’s come to scoop up everybody’s riverfront property — and, if possible, Jordy too.Tempers become downright murderous with pro-development folk and die-hard environmentalists all foaming at the mouth. And the unfortunate victim is Lorna’s handsome colleague, garroted with a piece of barbed wire at the Mirabeau B&B.

Dynamite, lust, murder…what next? Mirabeau braces for the worst and gets it — while Jordy, his true love Candace, and Police Chief Junebug Moncrief light out after a killer…
Agatha Award-winning author of Do Unto Others.

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