Black Jack Point

Black Jack Point

by Jeff Abbott

Book 2 in the Whit Mosley series
published 2002

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In this spellbinding new thriller, Texas judge Whit Mosley is about the cross the point of no return… Whit Mosley’s missing friends turn up at Black Jack Point dead and buried, along with bones and relics from a legendary past.

When the bodies of his missing friends are found buried at Black Jack Point among artifacts from the past, Texas judge Whit Mosley sets out to find the killers, plunging into a perilous world of vicious treasure hunters, ruthless tycoons, and money-hungry sharks in which his only ally, police detective Claudia Salazar, is kidnapped and held hostage.

When Whit opens an inquest into the murders, he’s plunged into a shadowy world of ruthless treasure hunters, double-crossing tycoons, and money-hungry sharks-all chasing a long-lost fortune in emeralds and gold. His only ally, police detective Claudia Salazar, is kidnapped at sea and held hostage in a deadly game of betrayal and greed.

To survive, both Claudia and Whit must stay one step ahead of their common enemy-a desperate killer far more dangerous than any pirate of old…

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