Improbable Cause

Improbable Cause

Improbable Cause

by J.A. Jance Book #5 in the J.P. Beaumont series (1988)

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Beaumont has a dead dentist on his hands. His suspects include a sexually abused dental assistant, a brutalized wife, and her ex-con lover. Perhaps it was fitting justice: a dentist who enjoyed inflicting pain was murdered in his own chair.

The question is not who wanted Dr. Frederick Nielsen dead, but rather who of the many finally reached the breaking point. The sordid details of this case, with its shocking revelations of violence, cruelty, and horrific sexual abuse, would be tough for any investigator to stomach.

But for Seattle Homicide Detective J.P. Beaumont, the most damning piece of the murderous puzzle will shake him to his very core — because what will be revealed to him is nothing less than the true meaning of unrepentant evil.