Happy Bloody Valentine: New Robocop Movie Release

Today is Valentine’s Day and for those who don’t quite dig the idea of a romantic day with flowers, chocolates and a cuddly teddybear, we have something more appropriate: the release of the new Robocop, the deadly man/robot cop who, let’s face it, does have its (or his) appeal.

Robocop movie with Joel Kinnaman
screen from Robocop movie with Joel Kinnaman

The story takes place just about 14 years from now, in the year 2028. Joel Kinnaman, a loving father and husband as well as a great cop leaves home for work and he is blow up along with his car right in front of his house. Critically injured he becomes the pet project of multinational conglomerate called OmniCorp who turns him into a half-human/half robot, hoping to make him the answer to the rising crime in the city.

As Samuel L. Jackson says in the movie: “This is the future of American justice”.

Or is it?

The main role is played by Joel Kinnaman, a Swedish/American actor who also played in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Easy Money and Safe House.

You might be rolling your eyes at the movie title, thinking – with good reason, I might add “Not another robocop movie!”. The first Robocop film was created by Paul Verhoeven back in 1987 (featuring Peter Weller), which depicted (hear hear) the year 2014 (you’ve read that right)  as the near future in Detroit, Michigan, crime ridden who needs a cop just like the Robocop: Alex Murphy, who was brutally murdered and then put together to become the most famous cyborg who would take care of the city and get rid of the crime. We are now in 2014 and yet we don’t have any cyborg cops roaming the streets freely with a gun and a badge.

So here we are 27 years later  in 2014, with no roboc cops, but with another remake of the first same named movie, which hopes to be an improvement upon the original. This time the future cyborg time is 2028.

Now if you’re wondering just how many Robocop movies does the franchise include, well, there are 4 of them, here in chronological order:

1987: Robocop original

1990: Robocop 2

1993: Robocop 3

2014: Robocop 4

Of course this list doesn’t include the TV series (including an off-shot of it called Almost Human, which runs right now in the US) and animation series.

But coming back to the current Robocop that is premiered today, on Valentine’s Day. Will you watch it or will you give it a miss? And if you do watch it, let me know what you thought of it in the Comments section below.

I’ll leave you with the official trailer which sounds promising for a Robocop remake, I admit.

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