Every James Bond Gadget Ever In Honor Of Spectre

So this weekend we get to see the latest James Bond movie called Spectre. I’ve been a long time James Bond fan from my early childhood time. James Bond was a hero, a legend, every girl’s dream. Of course we all favored some James Bond actors compared to others, but regardless of played the 007, the loyal fans would watch every single movie as soon as it came out.

I can almost not believe that we are at the number 24 n James Bond movies. I honestly don’t think there has ever been a franchise to put out as many sequels as this one after the original one. And the movies are still going as strong as ever.

This time around James Bond goes after a secret organization based on a cryptic message he receives from someone from his past. While not my most favorite James Bond ever, Daniel Craig does have something that attracts the eyes. I enjoyed Skyfall and I’m sure I’ll enjoy Spectre too.

In anticipation of the movie to come out, here is something I found on Youtube, a video showcasing every James Bond gadget ever used by the various actors, with some 193 of them included. Some I remember all too well, others are just plain funny. There are a few duplicates in there, but still it’s staggering!

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