Edge of Darkness by Karen Rose (Romantic Suspense #20)

Edge of Darkness Karen RoseThe latest Karen Rose book, Edge of Darkness, is the 20th in the author’s Romantic Suspense series and also the 4th in her Cincinnati series. We meet once again Meredith Fallon and Adam Kimble, along with many other characters who I hope will be well-fleshed out in next novels, such as Dani and Deacon, Diesel, Faith, and the O’Bannion brothers.

The story follows Every Dark Corner, book #18 in the Romantic Suspense series and book #3 in the Cincinnati series, but the focus, this time around, is on Meredith, the child psychologist and Adam, a detective who had a one-time affair with her but right now tries to keep his dance from Meredith, much to her chagrin. We have been seeing him withdraw from her and from his own family as well in previous books.

When someone tries to shoot Meredith, Adam is involved in the investigation and, of course, he has to come to grips with the fact that he still has the hots for her. So now, with Adam becoming center stage, his secrets are all revealed to the readers.

While the book is romantic suspense with lots of steamy downtimes, the book is also a strong crime mystery novel with lots of murders, and even some gory details that the squeamish might not like. The story is quite tense and except for the romantic element, you never really know what happens next. You find yourself at the edge of your seat for most of the time you are reading one of the Karen Rose books.

I loved the interaction between Meredith and Adam. We’ve only briefly met Meredith in a previous Cincinnati book but her being in danger from a psychopathic serial killer brings Adam to action in trying to keep her safe. Of course, his own demons (alcohol and PTSD) don’t help much the situation, so now he has not only to keep Meredith out of harm’s way but also battle his demons while coming to terms with his ever-growing attraction to the woman in front of him.

I also enjoyed learning more about Meredith. A child counselor, she is trying to help kids and adolescents who have been victims of evil. When the case involves her directly, she is trying very hard to figure out who wants to harm her, who has painted a target on her own back while at the same time keeping her patients’ confidentiality sacred.

Both Adam and Meredith are what’s called “damaged goods” and they both try to do as best as they can with whatever tools they are given while they are trying to connect with each other and rise above their sorrows.

It was also interesting to read the chapters from the point of view of the villain. Learning about his motives and how he goes undetected for so long…it’s downright scary. At times I was considering this book to be more of a romantic thriller than a romantic suspense novel.

Some readers say that this book is the conclusion to the Cincinnati series, however, apparently Karen Rose did divulge that a new book is coming,so here’s hoping!

Edge of Darkness by Karen Rose
Series: Romantic Suspense #20
Published by Berkley
Published 2017
Genres: Romantic Suspense
Source: Purchased
Also by this author: Broken SilenceWatch Your Back

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