E. E. Giorgi Books In Order

E. E. Giorgi aka Elena E. Giorgi (website) is an American author with a wide range of very interesting talents and hobbies.

Born in the UK, she grew up in Tuscany in Italy. Before finally settling in Northern New Mexico, Elena Giorgi had lived in several European countries and US states. Her initial training was in maths, however, he turned her attention to science.

She loves writing, but she is also a photographer, and as a scientist she is a gene specialist focusing on HIV vaccine testing, immunology, and cancer genetics. In her spare time she is a hiker and jazz lover.

Her day job is that of computational biologist whereby she works at a computer analyzing genetic (HIV) data, and her books reflect her passion for genetics all too much. Currently she has 4 series under her belt, with the most popular one being Track Presius (also my favorite).

Across her books you can see various genres stretching before your eyes and depending on your mood, you can read any of them. Her Track Presius series is pure techno-thriller, her Skyler Donohue is a clever futuristic medical thriller, while her Mayake Chronicles and The Future Chronicles are straight up science fiction, and her Apocalypse Weird series is a post-apocalyptic medical thriller.

All her books, however, have some solid science foundation as base. For example, her debut novel Chimeras was created after the author has read extensively on epigenetics and pseudogenes. Chimeras, Mosaics and Gene Cards have all elements of medical research and genetics included (Gene Cards touches in fact a very controversial topic of today – GMOs’, aka genetically modified foods). The Mayake Chronicles deals with a dystopian society where machines, robots and computers are replacing regular human beings.

Here are the E.E. Giorgi books in order for her numerous books. P.S. Here’s hoping that the Track Presious series gets a third book. Soon.

Track Presius Series In Order

1. Chimeras,  2014 – book review

2. Mosaics, 2014 – book review

Skyler Donohue Series In Order

1. Gene Cards, 2014 – book review

Apocalypse Weird Series In Order

1. Immunity, 2015

The Mayake Chronicles In Order

1. Akaela, 2015 (Mayake Chronicles #1) – book review

2. The Gaijin Girl, 2015 (Mayake Chronicles #1.5)

3. Athel, 2015 (Mayake Chronicles #2)

The Future Chronicles

1. The Telepath Chronicles (The Future Chronicles #1), 2014

2. The A.I. Chronicles (The Future Chronicles #2), 2015

3. The Immortality Chronicles (The Future Chronicles #3), 2015


Tails of the Apocalypse, 2015

Beyond The Stars: At Galaxy’s Edge, 2016

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