CrimeFest 2015 – I Wish I Could Attend

Crimefest convention 2015 This year’s CrimeFest convention is held between 14-17th of May in Bristol, UK. The convention is attended by people who love reading mystery books either as a leisure hobby, or who are die-hard fanatics.

In includes interviews with guest authors and several panels (apparently more than 40) with over 150 authors that will take be present, for a total of over 400 writers, agents, publishers and crime fiction fans coming from all over the world.

I am especially intrigued this year as one of my favorite authors, Lee Child (the author of the Jack Reacher series) will be present, to be interviewing Maj Sjöwall, who is pretty much the founder of the Scandinavian crime-fiction.

Then you have Catherine Aird (the author of the Inspector Sloan series) and James Runcie (the author of The Grantchester/Sidney Chambers Mysteries) speaking at the convention as well.

In addition you can meet there authors like Rhys Bowen, Paul Finch, Ariana Franklin, John Harvey, Elizabeth Haynes, Laurie R.King, Michael Ridpath, Zoë Sharp, Aline Templeton, Robert Wilson, and they are just the tip of the iceberg.

Some of the topics covered during the panels touch on debut authors, on heroes and antiheroes, Nordic authors, subgenres, detective duos, audiobooks, sex in crime fiction, war crimes, psychopaths, and a whole plethora of great topics that everyone who loves crime and mystery books will enjoy in rapt attention.

Oh how I wish I could attend…

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