Codename Chimera 68

Codename Chimera 68

by Jake & Kate Persy

published 2022

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How do you track down a killer when he has no face?

The corpse of a millionaire antique collector is found in New York on the eve of a major auction. The last thing he saw in the darkness, seconds before his grisly demise, was something that terrified him beyond imagination and was enough to end his life. But was it a man or was it a ghost?

Now detective Kevin Kris must draw on all of his considerable skills in what amounts to the most challenging case of his career, as he sets out to track a murderer who is known as The Man With No Face.

Capable of causing paralyzing fear and death just by his appearance, is the Man With No Face really the embodiment of an ancient Greek monster? And what is the connection between an ancient medallion and a secret project codenamed Chimera 68?

The fate of millions of people rely on just one man to solve an unfathomable riddle.

This cozy, fast-paced, who dunnit mystery is packed full of unexpected twists and turns that will leave you as breathless as Kris, as he tries to keep pace with a foe who is every bit his equal.