Clive Cussler Books In Order – Complete List

The Clive Cussler works include several popular series which is well worth reading in chronological order, although it is not necessarily a must. If you do want to read the author’s main series in proper order, you should start with Pacific Vortex which was published after The Mediterranean Caper but the events within come first.

Here are the New York Times bestselling author Clive Cussler books in order of publication for each fictional series, standalones, and nonfiction works.

Clive Cussler passed away at the age of 88 on Monday, February 24, 2020, surrounded by his family. Rest in Peace, Clive Cussler.

New Clive Cussler Books

The Corsican Shadow
The Corsican Shadow (Dirk Pitt #27), 2023

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Dirk Pitt Books In Publication Order

The first Dirk Pitt novel (and the author’s debut novel), The Mediterranean Caper was written back in 1973, however chronologically it comes second after Pacific Vortex, which was published in 1983, but takes place some years before The Mediterranean Caper. Starting from Black Wind, the Dirk Pitt novels have been co-authored with Dirk Cussler.

  1. The Mediterranean Caper, 1973 – published under the title Mayday in England
  2. Iceberg, 1975
  3. Raise The Titanic!, 1976
  4. Vixen 03, 1978
  5. Night Probe!, 1981
  6. Pacific Vortex!, 1983
  7. Deep Six, 1984
  8. Cyclops, 1986
  9. Treasure, 1988
  10. Dragon, 1990
  11. Sahara, 1992
  12. Inca Gold, 1994
  13. Shock Wave, 1996
  14. Flood Tide, 1997
  15. Atlantis Found, 1999
  16. Valhalla Rising, 2001
  17. Trojan Odyssey, 2003
  18. Black Wind, 2004
  19. Treasure of Khan, 2006
  20. Arctic Drift, 2008
  21. Crescent Dawn, 2010
  22. Poseidon’s Arrow, 2012
  23. Havana Storm, 2014
  24. Odessa Sea, 2016
  25. Celtic Empire, 2019
  26. The Devil’s Sea, 2021
  27. The Corsican Shadow, 2023

Dirk Pitt Books in Chronological Order

  1. Pacific Vortex!, 1983
  2. The Mediterranean Caper, 1973
  3. Iceberg, 1975
  4. Raise The Titanic!, 1976
  5. Vixen 03, 1978
  6. Night Probe!, 1981
  7. Deep Six, 1984
  8. Cyclops, 1986
  9. Treasure, 1988
  10. Dragon, 1990
  11. Sahara, 1992
  12. Inca Gold, 1994
  13. Shock Wave, 1996
  14. Flood Tide, 1997
  15. Atlantis Found, 1999
  16. Valhalla Rising, 2001
  17. Trojan Odyssey, 2003
  18. Black Wind, 2004
  19. Treasure of Khan, 2006
  20. Arctic Drift, 2008
  21. Crescent Dawn, 2010
  22. Poseidon’s Arrow, 2012
  23. Havana Storm, 2014
  24. Odessa Sea, 2016
  25. Celtic Empire, 2019
  26. The Devil’s Sea, 2021
  27. The Corsican Shadow, 2023

The NUMA Files in Publication Order

The NUMA Files book series featuring the NUMA director Dirk Pitt and Kurt Austin, the leader of the Special Assignments Team at the National Underwater and Marine Agency (NUMA) has been co-authored with several other authors, including Paul Kemprecos, popular for his nautical mystery novels, including Neptune’s Eye, Cool Blue Tomb, and The Mayflower Murder, and Graham Brown. The NUMA Files is the author’s second series, started right after Dirk Pitt.

  1. Serpent, 1999
  2. Blue Gold, 2000
  3. Fire Ice, 2002
  4. White Death, 2003
  5. Lost City, 2004
  6. Polar Shift, 2005
  7. The Navigator, 2007
  8. Medusa, 2009
  9. Devil’s Gate, 2011
  10. The Storm, 2012
  11. Zero Hour, 2013
  12. Ghost Ship, 2014
  13. The Pharao’s Secret, 2015
  14. Nighthawk, 2017
  15. The Rising Sea, 2018
  16. Sea of Greed, 2018
  17. Journey of the Pharaohs, 2020
  18. Fast Ice, 2021
  19. Dark Vector, 2022
  20. Condor’s Fury, 2023

The Oregon Files Books In Publication Order

Clive Cussler has co-authored the Oregon Files book series with Craig Dirgo, known for his John Taft series, with Jack Du Brul, an author known for Philip Mercer archaeological/adventure thriller series, with Boyd Morrison, and with Mike Maden. The Oregon Files is the author’s third written book series.

  1. Golden Buddha, 2003
  2. Sacred Stone, 2004
  3. Dark Watch, 2005
  4. Skeleton Coast, 2006
  5. Plague Ship, 2008
  6. Corsair, 2009
  7. The Silent Sea, 2010
  8. The Jungle, 2011
  9. Mirage, 2013
  10. Piranha, 2015
  11. The Emperor’s Revenge, 2016
  12. Typhoon Fury, 2017
  13. Shadow Tyrants, 2018
  14. Final Option, 2019
  15. Marauder, 2020
  16. Hellburner, 2022
  17. Fire Strike, 2023

Isaac Bell Adventures Books In Publication Order

Clive Cussler co-authored the Isaac Bell Adventures with Justin Scott, known for his Ben Abbott mystery series, and with Jack Du Brul. Isaac Bell is a private investigator with the Van Dorn Detective Agency, an establishment he based on the real-life Pinkerton Agency. The series is the author’s fourth book series.

  1. The Chase, 2007
  2. The Wrecker, 2009
  3. The Spy, 2010
  4. The Race, 2011
  5. The Thief, 2012
  6. The Striker, 2013
  7. The Bootlegger, 2014
  8. The Assassin, 2015
  9. The Gangster, 2016
  10. The Cutthroat, 2017
  11. The Titanic Secret, 2019
  12. The Saboteurs, 2021
  13. The Sea Wolves, 2022
  14. The Heist, 2024

Isaac Bell Adventures Books in Chronological Order

  1. The Striker, 2013
  2. The Assassin, 2015
  3. The Chase, 2007
  4. The Gangster, 2016
  5. The Wrecker, 2009
  6. The Spy, 2010
  7. The Race, 2011
  8. The Thief, 2012
  9. The Cutthroat, 2017
  10. The Titanic Secret, 2019
  11. The Bootlegger, 2014
  12. The Saboteurs, 2021
  13. The Heist, 2024

Sam and Remi Fargo Adventures In Publication Order

The Fargo series has been co-authored with Grant Blackwood, Thomas Perry, Russell Blake, and Robin Burcell. The book series focuses on a team of two professional treasure hunters, Sam and Remi Fargo. It is the author’s fifth series.

  1. Spartan Gold, 2009
  2. Lost Empire, 2010
  3. The Kingdom, 2011
  4. The Tombs, 2012
  5. The Mayan Secrets, 2013
  6. The Eye of Heaven, 2014
  7. The Solomon Curse, 2015
  8. Pirate, 2016
  9. The Romanov Ransom, 2017
  10. The Gray Ghost, 2018
  11. The Oracle, 2019
  12. Wrath of Poseidon, 2020
  13. The Serpent’s Eye, 2024

The Sea Hunters Books in Publication Order

  1. The Sea Hunters, 1996
  2. The Sea Hunters II: More True Adventures with Famous Shipwrecks, 2002

Non Fiction Books in Publication Order

Other Clive Cussler Novels In Publication Order

Edited Short Story Anthologies

So there you have them, all the Clive Cussler novels in publication order from the first to the latest in each adventure book series, standalone novels, and non-fiction books, many of which were co-authored with other writers.

Clive Cussler Biography – About the Author

Clive Cussler books in order

Born in 1931 in Aurora, Illinois, the author Clive Cussler grew up in Alhambra, California. He went to the Pasadena City College where he remained for two years after which e dropped out in order to enlist in the US Air Force where he got to the rank of sergeant. During his time with the army, he worked as a flight engineer and aircraft mechanic in Hawaii during the Korean War. It was during this time that he discovered scuba diving and his passion for it, one that will be with him throughout his entire life.

His first job after leaving the army was that of an advertising copywriter, after which he became a creative director for two important advertising agencies in the country. He created several radio and TV commercials that won international awards during his time at these ad agencies.

Clive Cussler wrote his first novel in 1965, 15 years after he’s been working as a copywriter while being at home with the kids as his wife was working night shifts at the police department. It took him 18 years to publish his very first novel under the title Pacific Vortex.

Over the years he wrote numerous books alone and in cooperation with other authors, in creating several popular book series, including his Dirk Pitt novel series, the NUMA Files, the Oregon Files, the Isaac Bell Adventures and the Fargo Adventures. He also wrote several non-fiction books, with his first one being The Sea Hunters, written in 1996.

With so many books written under his belt, if you’re looking to read the Clive Cussler novels in order, considering that there are several series that he put out so far, it might be a tad difficult to navigate the sea of his novels and find out which comes before which book and what is the right order of his many book series.

I’ve started reading the books by Clive Cussler back in the 80s when I first discovered them. At the time he and Tom Clancy where my main mystery authors that I was religiously following – Tom Clancy with his political thrillers and Mr. Cussler with his maritime adventure mysteries called Dirk Pitt, with the main character named after the author’s son called Dirk Cussler, with whom he actually co-authored some of his later books.

Now just to see the huge amount of books written by this author, the Dirk Pitt series has so far 27 books, the NUMA series includes 20 books, the Oregon Files 17 books, the Isaac Bell 14 books and The Fargo Adventures 13 books, not to mention the several standalone and non-fiction books he has written during his lifetime. That makes it a total of over 70 books published to date, with each year the number getting bigger and bigger.

He also wrote 2 kids’ books and several non-fiction books, among which one is a book I’ve read called Clive Cussler and Dirk Pitt Revealed. It’s worth checking it out.

Even at his advanced age, Clive Cussler liked to scuba dive (a hobby which is well reflected in his Dirk Pitt adventures novels). He was living in Paradise Valley, Arizona before he passed away. He co-authored with other novelists, one of them being his own son, Dirk who helped his dad write several of the latest Dirk Pitt novels.

Of course, the main character of his most popular book series was named after his son. Dirk started working with Clive Cussler in 2004 after he left his job as a controller at Motorola Iridium in Phoenix.

When he did the research for the next books, Clive Cussler liked to take real-life events and twist them to suit the needs of his main characters and storyline. For example, in his novel The Assassin, he invented a story about investigating real-life John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil monopoly.

While he still wrote books, Clive Cussler was more in a rewriting stage toward the end. The authors wrote the first 100 or so pages, which they then sent to Clive to check and edit, following which they got it back from him to continue the stories.

An interesting fact about Mr. Cussler, a few years after starting his Dirk Pitt adventure series, which features a fictitious National Underwater Marine Agency focused on finding underwater artifacts, he actually created the same-named nonprofit organization to find and preserve maritime history.

So far this agency found over 60 shipwrecks and donated their findings to museums or various related government agencies.

In an interview, Cussler was asked whether he believes his Dirk Pitt series (his most popular book series to date) will go on after he is gone. His answer was, “I hope Dirk Pitt will go on after me.”

As for the question of whether we should read the Clive Cussler book series in order, I think it’s not absolutely necessary. Each book has a starting and ending story, so they can be perfectly read on their own, out of order.

Having said that, many books have references to previous novels that might enrich your reading experience if you know what the author is talking about. I personally prefer reading all my mystery series in order, even when if they really don’t have to strictly be.

So how many Clive Cussler works are there? Currently, if we combine all his series together, there are well over 100 books in total, all this without the author’s standalone novels, plus his non-fiction books and children’s books.. However, the author’s collaboration with other author also contributed to this number, not to mention after his death, his works are still being actively written.

Adaptations of Works

Clive Cussler had two novels adapted into movies. In 1980, Raise the Titanic was adapted and released by Paramount Pictures with Richard Jordan as Dirk Pitt, and Jason Robards, David Selby, and Anne Archer as additional main characters.

The second novel adapted was Sahara in 2005, again by Paramount Pictures. This time Matthew McConaughey played our famous Dirk, assisted by Steve Zahn, Rakie Ayola, Penélope Cruz, and Lambert Wilson as main characters.

The non-fiction book The Sea Hunters received a TV series that aired between 2002 and 2006. The documentary series follows an expert team of underwater archaeologists, divers, and technicians who locate, identify, and explore some of the world’s greatest, and often forgotten shipwrecks.

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  1. A shipmate gave me MAYDAY to read while I was stationed over seas,could not put it down. Ever since I have been driven to read and save . Unfortunately the library has gotten out of control, to the point my good wife insisted I pare it down as I had books stashed in every nook and cranny I could fashion (hard and paperback). Our agreement was; I could chose 3 authors, and hard back only. Cussler was my first choice, then Patrick O’Brian and John Grisham, plus Clancy.
    As a submariner USS CUTLASS (SS478), the HUNLEY location and raising by NUMA Has further endeared me to Mr. Cussler. Visual imagery and some personal knowledge of dive equipment make some of the scenes jump off the pages for me. Clive, no library could be complete without your writings, Thanks so very much

  2. Thanks for the great chrono list. I’ve been reading and enjoying Clive Cussler books for over 20 years. I’ve read all but the latest two and I’ve never been disappointed. I’m so glad a friend turned me on to this website.

  3. I’ve read and enjoyed Pitt and Austin adventures for 35 years. Fargo series is preposterous but entertaining, Oregon Files based on ridiculous premise and written unevenly. Some of the ups and downs can be attributed to changing co-authors. I read the first 3 Isaac Bell novels but won’t read any more. I find the main character disgustingly arrogant, unlikable and totally non-empathetic. It’s not unusual that, to me, a pattern of diminishing quality parallels the addition of new series. Churning out more titles by trading on the reputation of Mr. Cussler does not necessarily equal top flight reading every time.

  4. I have read all of Clives books they have kept me enthralled right to the last page.

  5. Thank you for this up to date list of all the series of Cussler books! Most helpful and useful. I wish Mr. Cussler would make his own website as current and easy to use! Thanks again for the listings and the hard work keeping the site current!

  6. Thank you for the list.
    I am a fan of Clive Cussler, I have read all of the Dirk Pitt and Numa Files.
    Will have to start on Oregon Files now!

  7. Love reading Mr Cussler’s books and have almost read them all. I am now using a KOBO reader does anyone know if Shock Wave, Flood Tide and Sacred Stone are in KOBO as these are the only 3 I have left to read.

    1. I checked the whole Kobo books website and sadly these three books are not available. I only found Sacred Stone listed at all, but currently not available for purchasing. It was listed here in case it might appear at some point later again:
      The other two are not even listed in the Clive Cussler books section at all. They are on Amazon as Kindle, but it won’t help you much with the Kobo reader.

  8. Hi Readers,

    Can anyone please enlighten me as to whether the following titles were ever published under the Michael Joseph imprint in Hardcover????? :-

    Pacific Vortex
    Raise The Titanic
    Vixen 03
    Night Probe
    Deep Six
    Inca Gold
    Shock Wave
    Flood Tide

    Blue Gold
    Fire Ice
    White Death

    Any assistance / info very much appreciated
    Thanks in advance

  9. I am retired and on a fixed income so I could only afford the paperback books. After seeing Clive on a TV Program called ” the sea hunters whichever I liked very much I saw his name on a book. Bought it and got hooked. I have read 50 of your book so far, and wait and look for every new book to come out. There is no BETTER adventure book in the world. Loved them all. So I have a collection of all your book. Keep it up you are the Best. Bob

    1. Mr. Cussler I would like to thank you for all great books they have keep me in great spirits as I have Stage 4 cancer and unable to drive anymore but I have good friends who get me to library. I have read about 30+ of your excellent books just started getting into your nonfiction books. Your style of writing is fantastic I have trouble putting it down because I just have to read what is going to happen next. Please keep the books coming I look forward to read your next one. I hope you write more Fargo ‘s adventures they keep me reading till I get to the end just can’t put it down. Thank you keeping me sane and positive.

  10. Have been able to read Clive Cussler books in order, since 1976, have always been a fan and get each new book written from my local library. I must also be an anorak, as I keep a list of his books on my computer with the word Read alongside so that when I visit said library I know which ones I have read.
    I also list who he co- wrote the books with.

  11. I love your books thank you for the books in order . I have to gey 3 of the newest books and I will have all of them .

  12. have just started to read the isacc bell series and cant put them down

  13. Thanks so much for the in order listing of Clive Cussler’s books. This will make it so much easier to know if I already have a certain book. I have enjoyed his books since I first saw them at the book stores….just wish he could write them faster…!! His books give one a bit of history and geography as well as a rip-roaring adventure yarn. Thanks, Clive and I wish you well for many long, fascinating books to come.

  14. I disagree with the reading order of the Isaac Bell series. He skips around in time so much it would be interesting to put them chronological order based on the date each one takes place and see if it makes sense to read them in that order. I have not done this yet but it has been on my to do list for a while.

    Nice site.

    1. I am also interested in reading them in the chronological order of the date that the story takes place. If so would the references to other events from other books make any sense ? I do not have all the books but pick up any I find at second hand stores or flea markets etc and so have several duplicates. I cannot read a kindle for any length of time, gives me a headache; plus having to make sure that it is charged etc. I can’t take it into the dairy barns where I work without worrying about water and possible damage from manure splatters so the paperbacks are the way for me to go. I have also collected several hardbacks that do not leave the house. Just love his easy to read style without all the sex and cussing.

  15. I love adventure reading and feel that Clive Cussler with his writing style actually makes you feel part of the adventure as an observer in the story. His books are hard to put down once you have commenced reading, you want to continue reading until the end of the adventure. The characters are easy to relate to and provide that gutsy determination to see a project through to the end regardless of the dangers that confront them. I am looking forward to reading more of Cusslers books.

    1. I think you’ve summed up my sentiments about Clive’s writing exactly.
      This list is invaluable. I just sent it off to my wife so she doesn’t keep bringing duplicate copies home. I’m over half way through reading all his books and she has supplied most of them from the hospital auxiliary book cart. It shows how many fans he has as his book keep getting donated daily.

  16. Clive Cussler is one of the best authors around. I’ve been reading his books since ” Raise the Titanic” came out.Keep them coming Mr Cussler

  17. THANK YOU so much for putting this together. I am 3 books behind and now I know it thanks to you. I was on Mr. Cussler ‘s Facebook page today and he said a new Oregon book will also be out end of May. Thank you again so very much.

  18. You didn’t mention the 2 children’s books he wrote:
    The Adventures of Vin Fiz
    The Adventures of Hotsy Totsy

    Also…the 3 non fiction books:
    Dirk Pitt Revealed
    The Sea Hunters
    The Sea Hunters II

    I can’t wait for the Assassin (Isaac Bell) book to come out

    1. I have added a new section on his other works at the end of the page. The children’s books and his non-fiction books are listed there. Thanks for the mention Jackie! I haven’t read those books, so they kind of slipped my mind.

  19. I think Clive Cussler is the finest adventure novelist of all time. His books just have an electricity about them that no one can duplicate. With me, sometimes my favorite of anything is the first encounter that I have with something. For me, it was sitting on a warm sandy beach on a beautiful and not too hot summer day. The book was Cyclops, and the second the scene with Dirk Pitt escaping in a powered bathtub bathtub splashed across the page I was hooked. Another really big moment for me was the very first introduction of Dirk Jr. and Summer. Extraordinary books.

  20. I am a very great fan of Clive Cussler, he is one of the best Adventure writers i have read, i an 73 years old and i have every single book he has every written in my collection.

  21. I have loved this series since Watching the Sahara Movie with Matthew McConaughey playing Dirk Pitt. I went by the library a few days later and saw the Sahara book on the shelf and checked it out. My goal is to own every book Clive Cussler has ever wrote. Love his writing style and the way he can hold you on the edge of your seat with ease it seems. Thank you for the Chronological list of books. I have skipped around so much with the Dirk books that I would love to start at the beginning and read all the way through in order. Even re-reading the ones I currently have again. Love the books, the characters and the Writer.

  22. I have read ALL of the various sets of Clive Cussler books and have just bought the current release – The Assassin – an Isaac Bell Adventure. I first came upon them about 18 months ago through eBay when a member was selling them for a price not to be missed for a group of 8. Since then I have read them all. Such fun – with drama, comedy, a bit of romance and very well written. As has previously been said, these books supply hours of fun and adventure for all age groups. I am 71 years of age and female. I must admit they are probably more a “boy’s own” set of adventures but who cares if anyone can enjoy them.

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