Sleeper Cell

Sleeper Cell

by Chris Culver

Book #7 in the Detective Ash Rashid series (published 2018)

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Police find the body find in the Ohio River.The victim’s wrists and feet are bound, and he has a single gunshot wound to the forehead. The locals are baffled until they get an ID.

Lieutenant Ash Rashid doesn’t want the assignment, but he knows he has to take it. Because it’s a family matter. The dead man was an FBI agent who had infiltrated a suspected terror cell, one run by Ash’s brother-in-law.

Ash investigates and dives into a world in which the most familiar faces are the most dangerous. Every new clue and every new insight he makes leads him closer to his murderer. They also lead him closer to home.

But even as Ash searches, long-laid plans are coming to fruition. Something deadly is coming. Ash has to stop it. If he doesn’t, those he loves most will pay the biggest price.