by Catherine Coulter

(published 1990)

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When a journalist learns that her real father is a powerful arms dealer, she travels to his private Caribbean island?where her attraction to a resort manager spirals out of control.

When wealthy, beautiful Rafaella Holland puts her dazzling newspaper career on hold to care for her ailing mother, she learns of a long-held family secret; the true identity of her real father, whom she never knew. Wanting to exact revenge upon this notorious, world-famous man who had wronged her mother, Rafaella is determined to find him and face him.

Her search takes her to an exclusive Caribbean island, a carefully protected sanctuary for the rich and powerful. There she meets Marcus Devlin, a handsome Irish daredevil who appears to have a secret agenda of his own. As they grow closer, they are drawn into a seductive world that threatens to spin wildly out of control–imperiling not only their love, but also their very lives….