Stiff News

Stiff News

by Catherine Aird

Book 17 in the Sloan and Crosby series
published 1998

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When an old woman dies of apparently natural causes, a letter received by her son leads Detective Inspector C. D. Sloan into a disturbing investigation into possible murder in a regimental retirement home for World War II veterans.

A letter received by an old woman’s son after her death alerts Detective Inspector C. D. Sloane that one woman’s death by natural causes in a local nursing home may actually be murder. But that is just the beginning of the odd events in this nursing home catering to former members of a WWII regiment.

Gertrude Powell’s death seemed outwardly natural but when her son reveals a letter in which she maintains someone was trying to kill her, D.I. Sloan’s investigations unearth some mysterious facts that lead to another murder case.

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