Some Die Eloquent

Some Die Eloquent

by Catherine Aird

Book 8 in the Sloan and Crosby series
published 1979

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A deadly mystery by CWA Diamond Dagger winner Catherine Aird: Where there’s a will, there’s a way—for murder. Beatrice Wansdyke, an elderly chemistry teacher, dies under suspicious circumstances and with $500,000 in her bank account, and Detective Inspector C. D. Sloan moves into the case

That Miss Beatrice Wansdyke had died is not particularly surprising. A chemistry mistress at the Girls’ Grammar School in Berebury, she was a longtime sufferer of diabetes who managed to live her modest life to a ripe old age. But one thing is odd—Beatrice Wansdyke died a very wealthy woman. What was an old schoolteacher doing with a small fortune?

Meanwhile, Detective Inspector C. D. Sloan, Calleshire’s finest investigator, learns he is about to become a father. But with ominous players hell-bent on pursuing Miss Wansdyke’s money, will Sloan live to see his child’s first birthday?

As the doctor said, it’s not so important what Miss Wansdyke died from as to whom she left a quarter of a million in pounds. Inspector Sloan agrees.

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