Dead Heading

Dead Heading

by Catherine Aird

Book 23 in the Sloan and Crosby series
published 2013

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When Jack Haines reports a break-in at his greenhouse, the intruder’s motive is unclear. Other than the destruction of some expensive orchids, no damage has been done and nothing seems to be missing. But Detectives Sloan and Crosby sense something sinister, and soon their suspicions are confirmed. Similar reports are multiplying and sabotage is the word on everyone’s lips.

The pair are drawn into an equally perplexing case when the mysterious Miss Enid Maude Osgathorp goes missing. Investigations begin at her deserted abode, Canonry Cottage, where the detectives soon discover that the house has been raided.

Shattered glass is found in the larder and traces of blood bespatter the floor – a disturbing event has taken place, but the identity of the perpetrator is unknown. It soon becomes clear that the cases are linked, but will this provide the clues necessary to solve the mystery? Detectives Sloan and Crosby aim to find out …

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