Friction By Sandra Brown

Friction Sandra Brown

Friction is the latest standalone romantic suspense novel by a favorite author Sandra Brown. I have been reading her novels from the late 80s, back when I first discovered her books on my aunt’s shelf while visiting her during a summer vacation. I read probably most of the 70+ books Sandra Brown wrote so far (maybe skipped just a few in between) and while the earlier books are the ones that really drew me into this very genre, her latest books have kept the pace as well. Friction is the epitome of romantic suspense and very formulaic at that. And let’s just […] Read more »

Are You Afraid? By Carla Cassidy

Are You Afraid by Carla Cassidy

Are You Afraid is a standalone novel by the author Carla Cassidy. I’ve had this book in paperback for at least 5 years now in one of my many TBR (to be read) piles, and I picked it at random when I was looking for something new to read. I don’t read many physical books, most of them are Kindle books loaded into my iPad, however there are times when and iPad just won’t do: when I take a relaxing bath, when I’m in the waiting room of a doctor or dentist waiting for my turn in their office. The […] Read more »

Whipping Boy by Katherine Tomlinson

Whipping Boy by Katherine Thomlinson

Whipping Boy is the first book (a longer novella rather than a full sized book) in a new romantic suspense mystery series by the author Katherine Tomlinson. It focuses on Lark Riordan, a crime specialist who doesn’t have the cleanest job in the world (the book starts with a scene where Lark is digging in a dumpster where some small murdered kids were thrown), who now is put in a tough situation when the next crime hits closer to home than she would have liked. She has to examine the scene where one of her neighbors, Jimmy, was brutally murdered. There are […] Read more »

Watch Your Back by Karen Rose (Romantic Suspense #15)

Watch Your Back by Karen Rose

I bought Watch Your Back along with Broken Silence (which I’ve just reviewed here) by Karen Rose a few months back, but due to the many books on my TBR mountain to catch up to, only now I got a chance to read it. And glad I did! Karen Roses’s books are not new to me, I’ve read pretty much everything by this author so far (see all the Karen Rose books in order listed here). So when I finally started to read Watch Your Back, I was really excited because I knew I’d be in for a great ride. […] Read more »

Broken Silence by Karen Rose (Romantic Suspense #14.5)

Broken Silence by Karen Rose

Having read all the previous books by Karen Rose, I only had to catch up with two more: the novella Broken Silence published in October 2013, followed by the author’s latest novels called Watch Your Back, published one month later, in November 2013. I bought the novella (it was only around $3 at Amazon) and got reading. I am usually not a major fan of novellas because not many authors can pack a great story in only a few pages, however, I knew Karen Rose can deliver – and deliver she did. The story focuses on Daphne Montgomery, whom we’ve […] Read more »

Far Gone by Laura Griffin

Far Gone by Laura Griffin

Far Gone is the first book in a (hopefully) new series by the author Laura Griffin, well known for her Tracers series. It is also the first book that was published in hardcover edition by the author. I’ve only read one other book by Laura Griffin, Thread of Fear, the first in the Glass Sisters series, and as it was a while ago, I didn’t quite remember her writing style. Thus I can almost consider this author new to me. Much to my surprise the book was one that I really enjoyed reading, which also prompted me to seek out […] Read more »

Nightfall by Anne Stuart

Nightfall by Anne Stuart

Nightfall is one of Anne Stuart’s earlier novels, first published back in 1995. The author has written several series and a few standalone books during her career, ranging from romantic suspense to regency and gothic romances, historical romances, as well as paranormal romances, to name just a few genres she has dabbed in. Personally I don’t care much about the romance genre, however I’ve been savoring her hot, steamy and dark romantic suspense novels for years. I actually thought I’ve read all her books in the genre, however when I’ve learned that one of her earlier books, Nightfall, has been […] Read more »

Portrait of Conspiracy by J.M. Davis

Portrait of Conspiracy by J.M. Davis

Portrait of Conspiracy by J. M. Davis is a really great romantic suspense mystery novel that I couldn’t put down once I started reading it. It is the first book I’ve read by this author and didn’t know what to expect and what mystery genre it would turn out to be. The story follows Philip Lewellan who has lost his pregnant wife (who disappeared) some 7 years ago. He never gave up on her and literally drove the police crazy with all the leads (most of them false) that he gave them over the first few years. He spent millions on […] Read more »

Skeleton’s Key by Stacy Green (Delta Crossroads #2)

Skeletons Key by Stacy Green

Skeleton’s Key is the second book in the Delta Crossroads series by Stacy Green. If you want to start with the first book called Tin God, click on the link to see my review. Both books in the series are really well written romantic suspense novels. The first (besides all the mystery, murder and crime aspect) brings Jaymee and Nick together in a romance that initially seems highly inappropriate. Afterall Jaymee was best friend with Nick’s wife, Lana, who was murdered some 4 ago. However their relationship works really well, to the strong disappointment of Cage, who is deeply in […] Read more »

Tin God by Stacy Green (Delta Crossroads #1)

Tin God by Stacy Green

I admit I had Tin God by Stacy Green for the last two months on my TBR shelf and only got a chance to read it now – and I’m really glad I did. I was quite surprised by how good the book was – simply for the reason that this author was new to me, so I didn’t know what to expect. I haven’t read a romantic suspense novel in quite some time, so I was pleasantly surprised that this novel turned out to be of this genre. While reading it, I realized just how much I missed that romance mixed […] Read more »