Book Review: Haunted Destiny by Heather Graham

Haunted Destiny by Heather Graham

Haunted Destiny by Heather Graham is the 18th book in the Krewe of Hunters paranormal romantic suspense series. I have read many Heather Graham books, but I have to admit, I somehow let this entire series skip my radar. Since I’ve recently become interested again in paranormal mysteries, I picked up the last book in the series to see whether it would capture my attention. If it did, I’d go back to the first book and work my way up through the remaining novels. The whole story is taking place mainly at sea, on a supposedly haunted ship called Destiny, owned by Celtic American […] Read more »

Undead by Morning by Joyce and Jim Lavene (Taxi For The Dead Paranormal Mystery #0.5)

Undead by Morning

I’ve heard a lot about Joyce and Jim Lavene, as they have written several books so far, and they are constantly included in my monthly book releases lists with yet something else they have written month by month, so I’ve finally decided to take the plunge and pick up one of their books. In fact I picked up two books at the same time for the Kindle, this short story Undead by Morning and the first book in the series, Broken Hearted Ghoul. I liked the paranormal mystery theme of these books, so I made them my entry to the world […] Read more »

Innocent Blood by James Rollins & Rebecca Cantrell (The Order of the Sanguines #2)

Innocent Blood by James Rollins

Innocent Blood is the second book in The Order Of The Sanguines series by James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell. If you’ve read any of the Sigma Force Series novels by James Rollins, you’ll discover just how different this series from his other one. Vastly different, even though some elements are contained in both, including lots of action, suspense and chilling terror at times. The Order Of The Sanguines is a paranormal action thriller series, when vampires (strigoi), angels and demons are equally featuring along with fearless mortal human beings. In the first book, the Gospel of Christ, the treasured book, […] Read more »

The Forgotten Room by Lincoln Child (Jeremy Logan #4)

The Forgotten Room by Lincoln Child

The Forgotten Room is the 4th book in the Jeremy Logan series by Lincoln Child. I have read his first three books, and I was really glad to see he finally wrote a new one, as the last one published before was in 2012. Jeremy Logan has a very esoteric job. He is an enigmalogist, and his job description entails investigating the inexplicable and weird, the phenomena that can’t be explained in the usual ways. Often his work includes paranormal investigation and strange things like the Loch Ness monster and the Big Foot. His latest case takes him to a place he hasn’t been at […] Read more »

Grimm: The Killing Time by Tim Waggoner (Grimm Novel Series #3)

Grimm novel

The Killing Time is the third book in the Grimm novelized series based on the popular TV show with the same name. I haven’t read the first two books and I picked this one up when Grimm ended for the season, to have something to keep me going until the new season returned. I love Grimm, I love Nick Burkhardt and his human and wesen friends, and I was hoping that the book would keep me entertained enough to forget that Grim was not on. And I have to say, for the most part it did. The story apparently takes […] Read more »

Haunted by Lynn Carthage (The Arnaud Legacy #1)

Haunted Armaud Legacy

Haunted is the first book in a new young adult paranormal mystery series by the author Lynn Carthage. I requested it at Netgalley as I liked the premise – a gothic mystery with some haunting going on. A huge dark mansion in England, and a young girl’s search for the truth. An American family is moving from San Francisco to the husband’s family mansion in England, all because of something Phoebe, the older girl did not long ago. Even now that they’re settling in their new home, the parents (mother and step dad) are not quite their usual normal selves […] Read more »

Book Review: Haunted by Kay Hooper

Haunted by Kay Hooper

Haunted is the 15th book in author Kay Hooper’s popular Bishop SCU mystery series. When I got hold of the first book in this phenomenal (almost paranormal) series years ago, I got hooked on it right away. Soon after I had to read all the Kay Hooper books in order because they were that addictive. Granted, it was at a time when paranormal mysteries and romances were my favorite genres to read. Even though I sort of moved on from those book types, Kay Hooper’s novels are still being read as soon as they come out. In Haunted we are […] Read more »

Extraction by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child (Pendergast #12.5)

Extraction by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

Extraction is a short novella in the Special Agent Pendergast series by the famous author duo Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. It is #12.5 in the series and comes right before White Fire, a book that I have reviewed here not so long ago. As the book is less than 50 pages, I read it within 10 minutes or so. Despite the fact that it is such a short novel, the plot is really well tided up with no loose ends, and without feeling that the book was incomplete, as it is so often the case with short novellas in […] Read more »

The Perfect Game by Stephen Paul

The Perfect Game by Stephen Paul

I received the Perfect Game from the author, Stephen Paul, to read and review, and I jumped at the opportunity as it is a supernatural thriller (one of my favorite genre). The book is a standalone novel, not part of a series, so I knew that the story would be fully resolved by its last page. It all started guiltily enough: Kyle Vane, a middle aged professor was about to commit the worst sin a teacher can commit: sleep with one of his students. However his misguided plan didn’t come to fruition as Allie Shelton, his pretty young student who would […] Read more »

Murder on the Mind by L.L. Bartlett (Jeff Resnick Mystery #1)

Murder on the Mind by L.L. Bartlett

Murder on the Mind is the first book in the Jeff Resnick mystery series. When I downloaded it from Amazon (it was free), I was truly excited, because from the synopsis I understood that it is slightly paranormal in nature. Following a mugging, the main character, Jeff, becomes psychic, which means that he can see the murders in his mind, and has the ability to help solve the cases (which he actually does in this book). Jeff is a laid off insurance investigator in New York city, who has a prospect in sight for a new job. One night going […] Read more »